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Books available 'The Jesus Discovery - Another Look at Christ’s Missing Years' by Dr A. T. Bradford. (buy now £7.25)

A startling new book that will revolutionise your understanding of Jesus 'The Man'. Discover Jesus as the Jewish man his contemporaries knew him to be. ‘The Jesus Discovery’ is possibly the most important writing about Christ's humanity since the New Testament was translated from the Greek. Christian songwriter and author Ishmael calls it ‘The most interesting book I have read in years.'

Book Cover: The Jesus Discovery - Dr. A Bradford
'The Medical Gospel of Luke' by Dr A. T. Bradford. (buy now £9.95) From the author of 'The Jesus Discovery', a new verse-by-verse Commentary that takes you into Luke's medical language, Jewish culture, Jesus' humour, Judean use of Greek, Talmudic law, behavioural psychology, Roman history, Luke's purpose in writing Luke and Acts and who his Gospel's primary source was - Jesus' mother Mary. Book cover: The Medical Gospel of Luke - Dr. A Bradford
'Out of the Dark Woods - Dylan, Depression And Faith' by Dr A. T. Bradford. (buy now £7.95) Uncover the many sources of Bob Dylan's lyrical inspiration. Discover the hitherto unrecognised depressive episode behind the seven year lapse in his recording of original material. Learn the over-riding message of this longest-serving recording artist, and understand the spiritual language of his compositions. Where is Bob Dylan faith-wise? Dr Bradford's book presents hundreds of pieces of evidence that bring this question completely up-to-date. Book cover: Out of the Dark Woods - Dr. A Bradford
'The Letter to the Hebrews - a Commentary' by Dr A. T. Bradford. (buy now £7.25)

A verse-by-verse commentary on The Book Of Hebrews, from the author of 'The Jesus Discovery'. Learn how 'The builder is greater than the house' shows that Jesus has more honour than Moses, and how faith and rest fit together like hand and glove.

Book Cover: The Letter to the Hebrews - Dr. A Bradford
'El Descubrimiento de Jesús - Otra Mirada a los Ańos Perdidos de Cristo' by Dr A. T. Bradford. (buy now £7.25)

As above - but in Spanish.

Book Cover: El Descubrimiento de Jesús - Otra Mirada a los Ańos Perdidos de Cristo - Dr. A Bradford
'According to Matthew' by Dr A. T. Bradford. (buy now £8.25)

A verse by verse analysis of Matthew's Gospel informed by an understanding of the Jewish mind and who Jesus truly was in His day. A companion to 'The Jesus Discovery' - discover Jesus as the Jewish man his contemporaries knew him to be.

Book Cover: According to Matthew - Dr. A Bradford
'Adam, Sinner or Saint? Another Look At The Fall' by Dr A. T. Bradford. (buy now £4.95)

Dr A T Bradford's latest book gives a new and original perspective on the fall that explains Romans 5:14 - 'Death reigned from Adam until Moses, even over those who had not sinned in the likeness of the offense of Adam, who is a type of Him who was to come.' How was Adam, in his sin, a 'type' of Christ?

Book Cover: Adam, Sinner or Saint? Another Look At The Fall - Dr. A Bradford
'The New Testament on Women - What Every Man Should Know' by Dr A. T. Bradford. (buy now £6.45)

Discover the truth about women and the Apostle Paul, and the equality that Paul proclaimed in Christ. ‘This book exposes centuries of mistranslation which has made women appear as second-class citizens.

Book Cover: The New Testament on Women - Dr. A Bradford
'Are We There Yet?' by Stan Gain. (buy now £7.95)

"Where are we going?" "What is happening in our world?" It is an almost daily occurrence that something somewhere in the world causes us to ask such questions. Never a day goes by that the media fails to report tragedy somewhere in the world. The answers to these questions are to be found in the Book of Revelation. ‘Are We There Yet?’ endeavours to unwrap what has become for so many a confusing mystery. Are we in the last days of history? What is to come? This book will help you to cut through much of the confusion.

Book Cover: Are we there yet? - Stan Gain
'Unity - Wholeness for the Church' by Stan Gain. (buy now £5.95)

Where is the power in the church today? Where is the church for which Jesus prayed "That they may be one"? It exists but with division and worldliness and political intrigue and jealousy and criticism and ...

The church today lacks the very thing that would enable it to again become a witness to the living and powerful God ...

Stan has been teaching this message of unity for almost twenty years and has seen communities transformed as the people of God put these principles into practice. If you begin to adopt these truths you will see your ministry, church and community transformed.

Book Cover: Unity - Wholeness for the Church - Stan Gain
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