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The Jesus Discovery

Our best seller is 'The Jesus Discovery – Another Look at Christ’s Missing Years' by Dr A. T. Bradford.

Quite possibly the most important thing to be written about Jesus since the New Testament was translated into English. To help whet your appetite you can view these introductory questions.

There are also newspaper articles : 'Jesus Was A Child Prodigy Like Beckham', and The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph for you to read, and other press cuttings.

Dr. A. Bradford spoke recently at The Detling Bible Week about his new book 'The Jesus Discovery – Another Look at Christ’s Missing Years'.

Photo: Louis Els talking at the River Network Conference April 2011 Here is what Louis Els had to say about the book. You can listen to Dr. Adam Bradford talk about his book (and take questions!) at the High Leigh Conference Centre.

"Dr. Bradford blew my mind... you don't want to miss it. We must discover things. God says 'I have hidden things for you, not from you'" - Louis Els (Church of the Nations).

Listen to a talk in Dunedin's 'Nations' church about The Jesus Discovery book (including Q+A's at the end regarding another publication by Dr A. T. Bradford 'The New Testament on Women – What Every Man Should Know'.)

What have other readers said about these books? Read their commendations.

Please visit 'The Jesus Discovery' website.

If you would like to purchase 'The Jesus Discovery' book then you can from this website for £7.25. Or, if you would like to read it in Hungarian then please visit Duna International.

"Fascinating - worth reading."
RT Kendall
"The most interesting book that I have read in years"
Ishmael (Christian author, internationally acclaimed Christian song-writer and Deacon of Chichester Cathedral)
"I found your book quite outstanding, one of  the most important I have read in years. It reveals what is already there in the text of the Gospels so that the person of Jesus shines out in a much richer way than I had thought possible. Please accept my heartfelt thanks."
Fr Mike Gwinnell (Harvesters Ministry)
"I must say an enormous thank you for your book 'The Jesus Discovery'. I loved it. I thought the way in which you marshalled the evidence was brilliant and as I read it I began to think to myself - this answers so many questions in my head about Jesus and the way in which he was treated by the establishment. And of course their venom against him is easy to understand if you see Jesus as the 'Golden Boy' of that generation of Temple scholars. So a huge thank you to you."
Rev Eric Delve (People Without Limits)
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