According to Matthew

A verse by verse analysis of Matthew's Gospel

Dr. Adam Bradford

Matthew was an educated Jew (a former Scribe become tax collector with the Jewish name Levi), writing about a Jew (Jesus the Messiah), for the Jews (originally in Hebrew, then translated into common Greek).

Writen in the late 60s AD, shortly after Mark's Gospel, Matthew covers the whole of Jesus' life from virgin conception to resurrection.

As a former Scribe, the highly educated Matthew had access to the official Temple records utterly destroyed by the invading Roman army in 70 AD, including Joseph's genealogy.

Matthew provides the most detailed Hebrew information of all three of the synoptic Gospels.

Dr Bradford's verse by verse commentary is enlightened by his Jewish understanding and the insightful incorporation of relevant local Roman history. His description and explanation of the healing of the paralysed man lowered from the roof has been heralded as worthy of the book's purchase on its own.

Dr Bradford has done a short introductory video.

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