Joseph in John's Gospel, Judas and Jewish Jokes

How can you tell that Jesus had a great sense of humour?

Dr. Adam Bradford

'Joseph, John's Gospel, Judas and Jewish Jokes' is a verse by verse original analysis of the Gospel of John written from the perspective of understanding John and Jesus' Jewish sense of humour, Talmudic law, contemporary Roman history, human behavioural psychology and the first century Judean use of Greek.

The book evidences clearly that Joseph, Jesus' legal father and the figure with the most responsibility and influence for and upon Jesus as a young Jewish man, was alive and present in the background of Jesus' ministry. This fact is of particular importance in understanding Jesus' use of 'patros' in his Temple debates and disputes with the ruling Pharisees. Did Jesus mean Father God or father Joseph?

This highly original commentary also explains exactly who Judas Iscariot was and why Jesus chose him to be an apostle.

Dr Bradford's ground breaking new book comes with the famous Templehouse Publishing money back guarantee on personal orders.

'"Amateurs," or those deemed outsiders, renegades, or even imposters, have been responsible for the bulk of scientific and technological progress up until the mid 19th century. Think Darwin. Or think Galileo and Newton, whose "expertise" was in math, not physics or astronomy. Adam Bradford's expertise is in medicine, but he is one of those brilliant minds whose biblical research and reflections raise issues and perspectives scholars locked inside closed shops can no longer see. I don't always agree with him, but he's one of the few biblical scholars I always read and from whom I never fail to be illuminated and inspired by."'
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