The New Testament on Women

What Every Man Should Know

Dr. Adam Bradford

Have you ever thought that the New Testament in general and the Apostle Paul in particular were anti-women?

  • Does the Bible really command women to be 'silent' in church?
  • Are women really 'weaker vessels'?
  • What is a 'weaker vessel' anyway?
Join Dr Bradford on a journey through the Judean use of New Testament Greek and the various local Greek and Roman situations that Paul was dealing with and discover how his teaching as a contemporary of Jesus differed not one jot from that of Jesus, whose Temple ministry Paul had been privy to as a disciple of the great rabbinical scholar Gamaliel and resident student within Bet Midrash in the Temple Courts.

Learn the truth about 'weaker vessels' and align yourself completely with Jesus' ground breaking equality of status for his female disciples, gender implications not withstanding.

Dr Bradford has done a short introductory video.

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